UNHCR warns of possible impending "humanitarian catastrophe"

The rapid piling up of migrants who are trapped on the northern borders of Greece could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, according to UNHCR.

Source: B92, index.hr
(Getty Images, file, illustration puposes)
(Getty Images, file, illustration puposes)

The UN refugee agency said that so far this year more 131,724 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean, more than in the first six months of 2015.

"Europe is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis that is to a large degree of its own making," UNHCR said.

Currently there are 24,000 refugees in Greece, and overcrowding, lack of food, water and accommodation creates tensions and stokes violence.

The United Nations warned that governments are not cooperating but are working separately, introducing border restrictions.

UNHCR called on member states to carry out the registration of migrants and process asylum applications in accordance with national procedures and the European resettlement plan.


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