Croatia could get "Register of Traitors"

A candidate for the minister of veteran affairs in Croatia's new government wants to set up a register of aggressors, and another one, of traitors.

Source: Tanjug

According to the Croatian website Index, Mijo Crnoja, a member of the HDZ party, has presented these proposals - a part of his ministry's program - to veterans, i.e., "defenders."

The article noted that the demand to produce such registers has been heard from radical veteran circles ever since the announcing of the Register of Defenders.

According to the website, the register of aggressors "would have to be based on imprecise rebel documentation and would serve only one purpose - to incite to lynching those who were amnestied according to the Law on Abolition as far back as during Franjo Tudjman's reign."

As for the register of traitors of Croatia's national interest, the article noted that the proposal does not list "the criteria" - as national interests "have never been defined."

"To make it to (the register of traitors), one can assume it will be enough for some pen pusher at the Ministry of Veteran Affairs to conclude that somebody was, or is working against the state's non-existent interests," Index said, adding this could easily make the register " a powerful weapon in dealing with political opponents, and have a vast space to expand."

Mijo Crnoja has another register in mind - one that would list "illegally done privatizations." He also wants to "carry out lustration at all levels" - but the website wondered about the connection between veteran affairs and privatizations.

Crnoja's program further includes "participation of defenders in all institutions and bodies of government in the Republic of Croatia (the assembly, ministries, diplomacy, secret services, the president's office," Index is reporting.


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