Members of RS special police arrested for armed robbery

Six members of the special police unit of the Serb Republic (RS) Interior Ministry were arrested on Wednesday.


They are suspected of robbing an armored vehicle belonging to the Sector Security company and taking 600,000 Bosnian convertible marks (about EUR 300,000).

The Sarajevo-based daily Dnevni Avaz said on its website that the robbery happened last september on the Banja Luka-Gradiska highway.

The money, belonging to UniCredit Bank, was being transported to Zagreb in Croatia. The robbers used automatic weapons and an RPG, wounding Sector Security worker Djuradj Bajic.

An Audi A6 they used during the robbery was found later in the woods near the scene of the crime.

Banja Luka-based ATV broadcaster said all suspects now under arrest are active members of the special police, and that one of them failed a lie detector test while two others refused to take it.


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