"Only Milorad can topple Dodik," says Izetbegovic

RS President Milorad Dodik is the only one who can topple him, says member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegovic.

Source: Tanjug

Izetbegovic thus commented on the statement of Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic about "a plan to topple the current government in of the Serb entity in Bosnia, and its president."

"The only one who can toipple Milorad is Dodik," said Izetbegovic.

Nikolic stated he learned of these alleged plans in his "conversations with foreign diplomats" and warned that the entity was under threat.

"If there are such tendencies then they come from him, because he is persistently opposing the state of Bosnia-Hetzegovina, the European path, the membership in NATO," Izetbegovic said of Dodik, according to Bosnian media, and added:

"Laws are persistently overturned that are on the European path, conflicts are entered into persistently with other levels of government, with the international community. Representatives of friendly countries, the OHR, etc., are insulted."

The Bosniak (Muslim) representative in the Bosnian Presidency is of the opinion that Milorad Dodik is "working needlessly," as "that clash of his of the entity with the state is very harmful, also for the entity itself and the people who live in it."

Izetbegovic "expressed hope that we will all, including Milorad Dodik, be smarter in the time ahead of us and make peace, reconciliation and cooperation, and pull things in Bosnia-Herzegovina where they should be," reported the N1 broadcaster's website.


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