Croatia: Robber bites off jewelry store owner's finger

A robber in Croatia has bitten off "a part of the index finger" of the owner of a jewelry store he was trying to rob.

Source: Beta

Croatian news agency Hina is reporting that the incident happened in the seaside town of Crikvenica, and that the thief was a Swiss citizen.

The district prosecution said that two Swiss nationals had been detained on charges of robbery and assault.

According to the agency, the incident happened on Dec. 22 and involved a 22-year-old man and a 45-year-old woman, who first asked to be shown the jewelry, and then attacked the store's owner. The man used a knife to assault the victim, repeating striking him on the head with the weapon's handle and with his fist.

The pair then took jewelry worth about EUR 8,000 and tried to escape, but the owner caught up with them at the door. During the tussle that ensued, one of the robber bit off a part of the victim's right index finger, which later had to be amputated.


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