Five arrested in Bosnia for smuggling weapons

Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) announced that five persons suspected of smuggling weapons had been placed under arrest.

Source: Tanjug

A statement said that several buildings, premises and vehicles used by the suspects had been searched during the operation, dubbed "Lift", and that "a larger quantity" of weapons, ammunition and other military equipment intended for illegal arms market had been found and confiscated.

The smuggling activities were taking place in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and Germany.

The suspects have been charged with acting as an organized group to repeatedly organize smuggling and sale in Bosnia, as well as smuggling in ​​Germany, of large quantities of weapons, mostly guns and ammunition and other military equipment, which were sold in the black market, "to persons known to them."

The suspect will be escorted to the assigned prosecutor who will question them and decide on further activities toward them, it has been announced.

The Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina also said it was "undertaking intensive activities in the fight against international smuggling of arms, ammunition and explosives that criminal structures use in the commission of criminal offenses," and that it cooperates with police and security structures of regional and EU countries.


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