Bosnia: Five arrested for crimes against Bosniaks

Five people have been arrested in the area of Novi Grad charged with war crimes committed in this area during 1992.

Source: Beta

These crimes have been committed against Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims).

A statement cited by the Beta agency said the suspects are Ljuban Babic, Ranko Balaban, Rajko Karlica, Mirko Odzic and Milenko Brcin.

The statement said that the most comprehensive action to prosecute war crimes in the area is being carried in the Serb Republic (RS) and that in addition to the arrests four locations are being searched.

A police building is also being searched, which is guarded and controlled by the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA).

The building of Novi Grad municipality and the seat of the communal enterprise, as well as another location are also being searched to find archive material and evidence from the war period and "to discover actions were made to cover up the evidence."

Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina investigators, who coordinate the action, are also there.

Five of those arrested are under investigation and are suspected of having committed a crime against humanity.

As a result of the crimes, it is stated, persecution of almost the entire Bosniak population from the area took place, while 27 Bosniak civilians from the villages Agici and Ekici had been killed.

During the persecution torture, abuse, unlawful imprisonment, pillaging of property, serious bodily and mental injuries had been committed, and the population was largely expelled to Croatia.

A large number of displaced persons has not returned to this day and live in the diaspora throughout the country, Europe and the world, the statement said.


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