Remains of 56 Serbs exhumed in Croatia

The remains of 56 people of Serb nationality have been taken out of a mass grave at the cemetery in the village of Gornje Seliste in central Croatia.

Source: Tanjug

The exhumation lasted seven days, Tanjug reported on Wednesday.

Serbia's Commission on Missing Persons said in a release that samples had been taken from the remains of those people, victims killed in Croatia's 1995 Operation Storm, for DNA identification.

All exhumed remains were reburied at the cemetery and will remain there until the identity of these persons is established, after which they will be transferred to the Institute for Forensics and Criminology in Zagreb for final identification in the presence of family members.

A total of 284 sets of remains, of which 100 have been identified, have been exhumed in the Banija region of Croatia so far.


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