Macedonian army on standby as migrants protest

Dozens of economic migrants climbed a wire fence on Tuesday on the Greece-Macedonian border asking to be allowed to enter Macedonia, RTS is reporting.

Source: RTS

Also today, Macedonian special forces managed to round up a sizeable group that had managed to circumvent the fence and enter the country.

Two cordons of police are deployed on the Gevgelija border crossing in Macedonia, with the army readying tear gas and water cannons, the Serbian state broadcaster said. Armored vehicles have also arrived, while military police removed journalists from the crossing.

After a short lull, those migrants coming from countries of Africa, Middle East, and Asia, who are not endangered by war are once again protesting today. Those who climbed the fence and are urging others to join them in protest are mostly from Iran, said RTS.

A large number of migrants has arrived to the fence on the Greek side, with children in front. They are carrying placards reading, "We are not terrorists, we want peace," and, "Thanks for your help."

These economic migrants are reacting after several thousand people from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan were allowed to cross the border last night, while they have been waiting for days.

The night went peacefully in the Gevgelija reception center.

The Macedonian army on Tuesday morning started works to fortify the border fence that is currently eight kilometers long and should stretch to 50 kilometers once completed.


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