Montenegrin author: Montenegrins are "not Slavs"

A controversial Montenegrin author has published an article claiming that Montenegrins are not Serbs - Slavs whose ancestors migrated to the Balkans.

Source: B92

Instead, Miroslav Cosovic writes for the Analitika website, Montenegrins are the peninsula's indigenous people.

According to Cosovic, "we all know " how proof is presented that Montenegrins are actually Serbs, and added:

"(Petar Petrovic) Njegos and King Nikola are quoted frantically, some map from Nikola's era is cited, some courtiers of Nikola are cited, two or three associations from before the 19th century are pointed out to, and that's it."

But, writes Cosovic, "in the essence of their popular being Montenegrins are not even Slavs, let alone Serbs."

He advised "including more sciences, and not just history " as "the only proper way of perceiving a nation's ethno-genesis." Otherwise, Cosovic said, relying just on history is "frivolous, very frivolous."

Cosovic then reveals that Montenegrins are "a mixture of indigenous peoples whom Romans referred to as Illyrians, and along with the population of the so-called Old Herzegovina make up a single ethnic whole."

Otherwise, Cosovic is known as the author of a book entitled, "Bizarre Saints of the Serbian Church," promoted by the canonically unrecognized Montenegrin Church (CPC), where the author describes Serbian Orthodox saints as "bizarre, genocidal, blood-thirsty, cruel, organizers of political murders, pedophiles, butchers, lechers, madmen."


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