Two Serbs detained in Bosnia on war crimes charges

Members of Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) have arrested Miodrag Grubacic (51) and Ilija Djajic (44).

Source: Beta

They are suspected of committing war crimes in Bileca.

In addition, as stated by the Bosnia-Herzegovina Prosecution, a third suspect is still at large, and SIPA members and partner agencies are looking for them.

Apartments and facilities that the suspect used have also been searched.

Grubacic and Djajic are under investigation by the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia-Herzegovina and are suspected of committing crimes against humanity in the Bileca area in 1992.

They are charged with crimes committed against hundreds of victims of Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) and Croatian nationality from the area Bileca, Nevesinje, Trebinje, Gacko and other places, which were illegally held in detention camps in a military barracks in Bileca.

The pair are suspected of causing the death of four people, while a large number of victims suffered serious physical and mental injuries, from which they still have consequences, said a statement.

The suspects will be escorted to the assigned prosecutor who will question them and decide on initiating proposals for determining detention or prohibition measures, in accordance with the law, the Beta agency reported.


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