Croatian minister comments on Serbia's plans to buy weapons

Serbia's announced buying of Russian weapons has attracted attention in Croatia, while Interior Minister Rajko Ostojic has been asked to comment on the news.

Source: RTL

He told the RTL television that his country is a NATO member, "and nobody will dare attack it."

"We're a secure country and there is a whole force of rules in case something happened, to cooperate with allies and nobody will dare attack us. I would add also that Croatia did not even have proper rifles, and managed to defend itself. We will defend ourselves in the future and nobody should be afraid of an attack," he stated, according to RTL.

The broadcaster also said that Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic "went to Moscow to acquire Russian weapons because he's worried about Americans arming Croatia."

Ostojic also spoke about the refugee crisis to say there was "no need to talk about the possibility" of his country building a fence on its border with Serbia.


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