Polish and Swedish reporters also beaten by Hungarian police

It emerged on Thursday that another reporter, beside a TV crew from Serbia's RTS, was attacked by Hungarian police on Wednesday.

Source: Beta, AP

Jacek Tacik from Poland's public broadcaster TVP has also been detained in Hungary and accused of illegally crossing the border, TVP is reporting today.

Poland's honorary consul in Szeged Karol Biernacki, who was present during Tacik's interrogation, said that the reporter was pulled away from the mass and arrested on charges of illegal border crossing.

Before that the Hungarian police, while clashing with a group of refugees who threw rocks and various objects at the Horgos border crossing, attacked the Polish reporter and hit him with batons.

"It looked calm, but suddenly the Hungarian police moved against the refugees, and also beat us reporters. I was hit several times with a baton," Tacik, who received medical assistance from Hungarian doctors for head injuries, reported before he was arrested.

"We stood very close to the Hungarian police. At one point I lost contact with Jacek. I don't know what happened after that, but he held a microphone in his hand and it was clear he was a journalist," said TVP cameraman Pavel Rolak.

On Thursday, AP quoted Thomas Mattsson, editor in chief of one of Sweden's largest newspapers, Expressen, as saying "one of its photographers was knocked to the ground by police using clubs and tear gas in Hungary while covering the huge number of people moving across Europe."

Mattsson told Hungary's ambassador to Sweden, Lilla Makkay, that what happened to photographer Meli Petersson Ellafi a day earlier was "unacceptable."

He said reporters covering war and disasters often are exposed to dangerous situations "but it must still be emphasized when police beat a photographer to the ground."


Croatian embassy refuses to receive protest note

The Croatian ambassador to Serbia has declined to receive a protest note sent by the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has been announced in Zagreb.

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