Hungarian authorities prevent migrants from boarding trains

The main international train station in Budapest has been reopened for traffic on Tuesday, but refugees are still not allowed to enter it.

Source: B92, AP, RT

Earlier in the day, Hungarian authorities stopped all trains from leaving the main station in order to prevent migrants traveling to Austria and Germany, RT reported.

Passengers other than refugees are now allowed to board trains traveling to Vienna, Hungarian news agency MTI is reporting, quoted by Tanjug.

A live video feed on RT's website showed thousands of refugees standing in front of the station on Tuesday morning, whistling and loudly protesting because of the ban.

AP is reporting that "scuffles broke out earlier in the morning among some of the hundreds of migrants as they pushed toward metal gates at the platform where a train was scheduled to leave for Vienna and Munich, and were blocked by police."

According to the agency, "several say they spent hundreds of euros for tickets after police told them they would be allowed free passage."

Police in Vienna say 3,650 migrants arrived from Hungary on Monday, and that "most continued on toward Germany."


Croatian embassy refuses to receive protest note

The Croatian ambassador to Serbia has declined to receive a protest note sent by the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has been announced in Zagreb.

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