Hungary adds "wooden barrier" to barbed wire border fence

Hungarian soldiers have started the construction of an additional four-meter high wooden barrier on the country's southern border with Serbia.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

Serbian state broadcaster RTS reported on Sunday that a three-row barbed wire fence has already been built along the 175 kilometers of the border.

The fence and the barrier are meant to keep migrants from third countries from illegally crossing into Hungary. However, it was reported on Sunday that about 3,000 migrants entered the country illegally during the previous 24 hours alone.

The Hungarian government also announced it would set up "several transit zones with one in the village of Roszke, near the Serbian border," said RTS.

Migrants who are currently there are dissatisfied with the way Hungarian authorities treat them.

"They don't give us food or water, there are no toilets. They bring dogs and scare the children, why," one refugee asked.

A Hungarian police officer, meanwhile, said the migrants threw stones and sticks at them. "One stone hit our vehicle," he said.

The Hungarian police also announced that a fifth suspect, a Bulgarian, has been arrested in connection with the deaths of 71 migrants whose bodies were found last week in an abandoned truck in Austria.

Previously, three more Bulgarian citizens and one Afghan man were arrested in the same case. They have have been brought before a court and pleaded not guilty.


Austria introduces tougher border controls

Austria has introduced controls of trucks at its eastern border after the recent tragedy in which 71 refugees lost their lives in a truck driven by traffickers.

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Hungarian police use tear gas in migrant center

The Hungarian police on Wednesday used tear gas against a group of some 200 migrants who tried to leave a center in Roszke, near the border with Serbia.

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