Bulgaria deploys soldiers to border to counter "apocalypse"

Bulgarian soldiers and armored vehicles have been deployed on Wednesday morning on the country's border crossings with Macedonia and Greece.

Source: Tanjug

Their task is "to prevent a possible spillover of the migrant crisis."

Dozens of armed Bulgarian soldiers in Hummer vehicles are now at the Deve-Bair-Gyueshevo crossing. Metal barriers used to stop vehicles have also been deployed.

Bulgarian media are saying that military vehicles have also been sent to Stanke Lisichkovo-Delchevo and Zlatarevo-Petrich crossings.

Bulgarian Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova said on Tuesday that her country had "three scenarios" ready in case of a new wave of migrants, where "the most apocalyptic version is to have an influx of migrants like Macedonia does."

"However, we think the danger of that happening in Bulgaria is very small, considering that Bulgaria's borders are well guarded," Bachvarova said. Soldiers have now been deployed on border crossings with Macedonia and Greece as an additional measure.

Most of the migrants transiting through the Balkans are arriving from war-torn countries in the Middle East and want to reach Western Europe.

According to the Bulgarian official, "they often don't go through Bulgaria because they're not sure they can quickly and safely reach the desired destination."

Bachvarova also said that refugees' right to come to Bulgaria cannot be limited - "but they must be registered because there is the danger that some of them took part in combat activities in the Middle East, or are terrorists."


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