Croatian president says fascist salute idea "unacceptable"

The initiative to reinstate a fascist salute as the official salute of the Croatian Armed Forces is unacceptable and is not serious.

Source: Tanjug

This is what the cabinet of Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic told Tportal, according to the Zagreb-based daily Jutarnji List.

The petition was also described as being "on the level of a provocation."

Those who signed a petition to make "Za dom - spremni!" ("For home - ready!") - the salute of the fascist Ustasha regime of the Independent State of Croatia (NHD) - urged Grabar-Kitarovic and Tomislav Karamarko, the leader of the HDZ party, to support it, saying it was "in fact an old Croatian salute."

The initiative was launched via Facebook by "the last commander of the defense of Vukovar" - Branko Borkovic aka Mladi Jastreb ("Little Hawk").

Those in favor of the initiative wrote to the president and the HDZ leader and argued that making the salute official in the Croatian military would help preserve Croatian culture and traditions, and warned of the danger that opponents of the move "could tomorrow come to the idea to ban our pleter (interlace), the Zagreb Cathedral, and even the Sinjska Alka (competition)."

The signatories of the online petition that organizer said was signed by 3,200 persons include: academician Josip Pecaric, assistant (Catholic) Bishop of Zagreb Valentic Pozaic, Bishop of Sisak Vlado Kosic, football player Josip Simunic, academician Stanko Popovic, former head of the Croatian Institute for History Mirko Valentic, President of the Croatian National Ethical Court Zvonimir Separovic, lawyer Zvonimir Hodak, former political emigrant Nikola Stedul, Don Adjelko Kacunko, Franciscan Miljenko Stojic, journalist Velimir Bujanec, and others.


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