Croatian police: Pro-Ustasha singer to be punished

The Croatian police have said that Marko Perkovic aka Thompson will be punished for shouting a fascist greeting during his concert in Knin.

Source: B92

The concert was held on Wednesday as part of celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Croatia's military and police campaign known as Operation Storm.

Perkovic, known for this pro-Ustasha orientation, shouted "For Home - Ready!". It is the greeting of the Ustasha regime that was in power in the WW2-era Nazi-allied Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

Perkovic could now face a fine ranging "from 50 to 300 German marks" (in domestic currency) or 30 days in jail. The charge against him relates to disturbing the public order and peace by performing songs or texts or wearing symbols and images.

The Croatian website Index is also reporting, quoting local media, that the police have determined that ten different violations had been committed during the concert, and are reviewing the footage and photographs to find out if more had occurred.

Thompson could also be fined for not wearing a crash helmet while driving a motorcycle through Knin. He received the same fine last year, when he said he had "a deal with the police to allow all bikers headed to Cavoglave on August 5 not to wear helmets" - something the police later denied.

Tens of thousands of people attended the concert of the "controversial" singer last night.


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