Croatian arrested for charging Norwegians EUR 20k for drinks

The manager of a strip club on Croatia's island of Hvar has been arrested for charging two men about EUR 20,000 for the drinks they had in his establishment.

Source: Tanjug

According to reports, he "forced two Norwegians to give him their bank cards" and then proceeded to charge them USD 20,000 - and another EUR 4,000 in local currency, Croatian kunas.

Although they ended up paying a total of about EUR 20,000, the actual bill that the two patrons received at the end of their night out allegedly reached EUR 40,000, Croatia's Hina news agency is reporting.

Unofficially, the huge bill was the result of the fact "exotic dancers" joined the two Norwegian men, both in their 20s, and proceeded to order the club's most expensive champagne that costs EUR 2,600 per bottle.

When the guests complained about the bill, the manager and several other men that the police have not yet identified threatened them "verbally." This included the threat that "an electroshock device would be used" - and the manager who is now in police custody illustrated this point by "turning the device on from time to time."

Intimidated, the Norwegians handed over their credit cards, and later reported the case to the police. The 27-year-old manager is currently in one-month custody for fear he could influence the witnesses, but also that he could "repeat the misdeed," the municipal prosecution in Split announced.


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