RS Bosniaks veto decision on referendum

The Bosniak Club in the RS Council of Peoples has vetoed the decision of the RS parliament to hold a referendum on the state-level justice system.

Source: Tanjug

The Serb entity's assembly voted in favor of such a referendum last week.

The Bosbiak Club cited "protection of vital national interests as the foundation for such a measure," Tanjug reported.

Delegate of the Bosniak Club Mujo Hadziomerovic told reporters in Banja Luka on Thursday that Bosniaks believe the Court and Prosecutor's Office were constituted in keeping with the Bosnian Constitution and that one (Serb) entity cannot contest the judiciary institutions of the state.

He announced that the Bosniak Club would request an assessment of the constitutionality of the decision on the referendum and in case the RS Constitutional Court rejects the veto, it will also call on the Bosnian Constitutional Court to state its view on the matter.

On July 15, the RS parliament passed the decision to call a referendum on the Court and Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina that were imposed by the high representative, in contravention of the Constitution and Dayton Peace Agreement.

The Court and Prosecution, as RS President Milorad Dodik explained, do not operate independently, but under the influence of political structures of the (Muslim-Croat entity) Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, "primarily the Bosniak Party of Democratic Action led by Bakir Izetbegovic."

Dodik "underscored that there is a possibility for RS to re-examine the decision about the referendum in case an agreement within Bosnia is reached that would make room for independence of the national judiciary," Tanjug said.


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