Montenegro expels four Wahhabis to Serbia and Bosnia

The Montenegrin police have expelled four Wahhabis - two from Serbia and two from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Source: Tanjug

The announcement was made by the Montenegrin Interior Ministry on Wednesday.

The operation was part of preventive measures aimed at thwarting terrorist attacks and recruitment of Montenegrin citizens as foreign fighters, a statement carried by the local media and quoted by Tanjug said.

The Podgorica-based daily Dan writes that the police had inspected a vehicle with Serbian license plates in the Smokovac village near Podgorica on Sunday and found in it two alleged Wahhabis - radical Islamists - from Novi Pazar, southwest Serbia.

After searching the vehicle, the police took the two men to the Podgorica Security Center, where it was established that they had neither personal documents nor temporary addresses, and expelled them to Serbia after holding them in detention for 48 hours.

Another two alleged Wahhabis, from Bosnia, who also did not have a registered residence, were also expelled from Montenegro.

According to the Montenegrin secret police, there are at least 100 to 120 Wahhabis in the country. The National Security Agency (ANB) has evidence that the Wahhabis are receiving significant funding through Islamic humanitarian organizations and that the major hub for Wahhabis is Plav in eastern Montenegro.

The newspaper quoted "secret services data" to say there were several Wahhabi groups in Montenegro "the best known being 'Tekfir Group', and 'Nusretovci'," - with the later made up of followers of Nusret Imamovic from Bosnia, known for his statement that suicide attacks are not prohibited - "but should be used for special occasions."

Montenegro's police and army in the last couple of months increased controls and measures against foreign groups that could represent danger, said the Dan newspaper.


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