Ivanic "doesn't want NATO on Serbia's border"

Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency chairman Mladen Ivanic says that country is "not even close to meeting the requirements for joining NATO."

Source: Tanjug

Ivanic, who represents Serbs in the presidency and heads an opposition party in the Serb entity, the RS, told the BHT1 television station that he would not vote in favor of Bosnia-Herzegovina joining NATO, and when asked "why," he replied:

"Because that would mean that tomorrow NATO units could be on the border of Bosnia-Herzegovina and shoot at Serbia. Bosnia-Herzegovina is not even close to meeting the requirements for NATO."

Ivanic thinks that a prerequisite for stability in the Balkans is good cooperation, and "normal and healthy relations" between Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia.

Speaking about the upcoming commemorations in Srebrenica, Ivanic said that in the current atmosphere "it is not realistic" for him to attend, and added he "did his human duty" ten years ago "when it was more difficult."

"I do not think I'll go in this environment because, I repeat, it has turned into a political battle. Do you really think it is realistic that, after everything that happened, some Serb representative should go," Ivanic asked, and added that "Mr. (Aleksandar) Vucic has the right to go, that's his point of view."

Ivanic added that he is yet to decide whether tribute will be paid to the victims in front of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, by which a procession with their remains will pass on the way to Srebrenica.

"I have no intention to ingratiate myself with anyone, I'll do what I decide is right, and no one can accuse me of not paying tribute to the victims," said Ivanic. He believes that "Srebrenica should have been kept in the part that pays tribute to those who died, the innocent victims... without political abuses."

Ivanic also spoke against "competition in resolutions" and politicians who promote themselves in the context of the Srebrenica, and against the "international battle" in the Security Council because, he said, "all that sets us back to the past, and it will take time to return to some normal atmosphere turned toward the future."


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