Russian draft resolution doesn't mention Srebrenica

Russia has submitted a resolution on Bosnia to the UNSC, as a counterweight to a draft Britain wants adopted on the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica crime.

Source: Vecernje novosti, Tanjug

This has been reported by Russian news agencies, who quoted the press secretary of the Russian mission to the UN, Alexei Zaitsev.

"We feel this draft is more balanced and oriented toward reconciliation of the sides, and not toward creating additional lines of division in Bosnia-Herzegovina," said Zaitsev.

However, he did not want to talk about the main provisions of the document proposed by Russia, adding that this would not serve a purpose at this time.

Previously, the Belgrade-based daily Vecernje Novosti reported that the Russian draft was written "on two pages and has seven points." The introduction calls for confirmation of commitment to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states in the territory of the former Yugoslavia within their internationally recognized borders.

The word "genocide" is mentioned once, while Srebrenica is not mentioned at all. Accoroding to the newspaper, the draft:

1. Condemns in the strongest terms the very serious crimes that concern the international community as a whole, which were committed during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia against people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds

2. Underlines the responsibility of states to respect relevant obligations under international law to end impunity and prosecute criminally those responsible for serious crimes that concern the international community as a whole

3. Expresses condolences to the victims on all sides of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, as well as to their families, and calls on Member States to continue to provide long-term support to survivors, as has been envisaged

4. Welcomes the work of the International Commission on Missing Persons and the Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia-Herzegovina

5. Reaffirms the support for the Peace Agreement and the Dayton-Paris Agreement on the creation of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and urges the parties to adhere strictly to the obligations under these agreements

5. Reiterates that primary responsibility for further successful implementation of the Peace Agreement lies with the authorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina

5. Urges Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs, as constituent peoples (along with others) and all citizens of Bosnia.Herzegovina in both entities, the Federation and the Serb Republic, to promote peace, justice, tolerance and reconciliation on the basis of the Peace Accords and the Bosnian Constitution


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