Initiative to form "cross-border region of Sandzak"

A Montenegrin daily is reporting that "initiators of a petition to set up a cross-border region of Sandzak" will address Serbian and Montenegrin governments.

Source: Vijesti

Sandzak was a historical region in the present-day territories of Serbia and Montenegro. In Serbia, the name "Sandzak" is used informally for the southwestern Raska District.

The newspaper Vijesti writes that Zaim Celebic, who is among those who launched the petition, told Rozaje Free Press Online that "several thousand citizens" signed it.

"Bearing in mind there was no active campaign preceding, there is exceptional interest in Sandzak for the project of a cross-border region of Sandzak modeled after European regions," he said, and added it would "contribute to creating a favorable business environment through mixed industry zones and joint projects."

According to Celebic - this would "create conditions for direct applications toward EU funds." He claims the idea of a "cross-border Sandzak region" is based on European standards, and adds:

"The position of the EU is indisputable, which sets cross-border cooperation as a primary task for all members and candidates. Indisputable also is the support from Brussels, and at the same time the expectation of the European administration that, without its intervention, we will carry such projects on our shoulders. In the coming days we will make a formal offer to key addresses in Belgrade and Podgorica and emphasize that we are looking for help for the project."

The daily said that "the alleged cross-border region" would include Serbian and Montenegrin municipalities of Novi Pazar, Tutin, Nova Varos, Priboj, Sjenica, Rozaje, Prijepolje, Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Berane, and Plav.


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