Bosnia asks Switzerland not to extradite Oric to Serbia

The Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina has asked Switzerland "to return Naser Oric to Bosnia" - that is, not to extradite him to Serbia.

Source: Beta

Oric is a former wartime commander of the Muslim forces in the Srebrenica area who is wanted in Serbia on war crimes charges, and was detained in Switzerland earlier this month.

According to the Beta agency, the Bosnian Prosecution said on Monday that if the extradition went ahead, this would "jeopardize the Naser Oric et al. case that is being conducted before the Bosnia-Herzegovina judicial authorities, which have the jurisdiction to process this case."

A statement further added that the case was launched in 2006, and that Oric was questioned in 2008 on the request of the District Prosecution in Bijeljina, while the Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2009 took over the case by a decision of the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"Considering that the person in question is a citizen of Bosnia-Herzegovina and available to the justice organs, and that he responded to all summons of justice organs, the said case has not required measures of detention or other measures of prohibition," the statement said.

The Bosnian Prosecution said it was ready to cooperate with the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution within the Protocol on Cooperation, "with the goal of processing the case before the judicial authorities of Bosnia-Herzegovina."

Previously, the Serbian Justice Ministry said a request was sent to Switzerland to extradite Oric.

War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic last week stated that Serbia could not transfer the case to Bosnia.


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