"Clashes in Macedonia suit Russia and Serbia"

One of the leaders of a terrorist group that last week clashed with Macedonian police in Kumanovo has voiced accusations against that country's secret service.

Source: Tanjug

According to Xhezair Shaqiri, the Macedonian secret service was "in contact" with the terrorists "for months before the attack in Kumanovo."

Shaqiri, a Kosovo Albanian known also as "Commander Hoxha," made the statement during a broadcast on the Pristina-based RTK television, where he was a guest along with Sasho Ordanoski.

They both concluded that the the incident in Kumanovo "suited Macedonia's authorities, as well as regional players, Russia and Serbia."

According to Shaqiri, "the service under the authority of President Gjorge Ivanov had meetings with certain persons."

"I have proof that more than two and a half months ago State Security Agency agent S.M. met with two persons, the meeting lasted two and a half hours and every word was recorded," several Macedonian media outlets have quoted him as saying.

Ordanoski went further and said "at least four such meetings" took place, and that this "can be documented by foreign services."

According to him, "these materials will be made public."

Both Shaqiri and Ordanoski "agreed there are many questions about the police operation in Kumanovo that have so far remained unanswered."


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