Resistance to government spreading in Macedonia

The second day of civil protests against the Macedonian government in Skopje was more massive and better organized that the previous day.

Source: Tanjug

Because of strong police forces it did not take place in front of the Macedonian government, but outside the parliament.

Citizens started protests on Tuesday night after most influential opposition party Social Democratic Alliance of Macedonia revealed that Martin Neshkovski was beaten to death by a policeman on duty, and accused the ruling party and the prime minister of covering up the case.

Some media today report that the police was much better prepared for protesters last night, and that demonstrators acted wisely and decided that instead of protesting in front of the government do so in front of the parliament.

This is said to have avoided the government's intentions to use police brutality to suppress the protest and blame the protesters for the violence.

There were also protests in Bitola and Prilep on Wednesday evening.

The organizers learned their lesson from the first day and did not allow provocateurs, obviously planted by the government, to provoke a brutal police action.

So the provocateurs were left to try to provoke riioting with sporadic actions in which they failed.

The opposition said it will not give up and will spread the protests throughout Macedonia. Protests are scheduled for today in Skopje and Strumica, and tomorrow in Kavadarci and Kumanovo.


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