Three indicted for war crimes committed against Serbs

The Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina has issued an indictment against three persons for war crimes that targeted more than 300 Serb victims.

Source: B92

The "wide-scale and systematic" attacks resulted in 16 deaths in the town of Livno in Bosnia in 1992 and in 1993, it was announced.

The three suspects are former members of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO).

It was said that the indictment was raised "thanks to the cooperation between Serbian and Bosnian prosecutions."

The indictment charges Zdenko Andabak, Muamir Jasharevic, and Sead Velagic with crimes against humanity.

They are accused of being part of "wide-scale and systematic attacks" staged by the HVO and HVO Military Police, targeting the civilian population of Serb nationality in the Livno municipality, from April 1992 until JUly 1993.

The civilians were unlawfully detained and tortured in a local school. The three are also accused of murdering 16 Serb civilians.

It has been announced that the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution and a MUP service for uncovering war crimes made "a significant contribution" to shedding light on the war crimes in Livno.

The Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina has also proposed that more than 80 witnesses be interviewed, some of whom now live in Serbia, and has included more than 120 pieces of evidence to the indictment, obtained, among other means, through cooperation with the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution based on the Protocol on the Transfer of Evidence.


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