RS leader: Srebrenica was "huge crime"

Milorad Dodik has said that the crime in Srebrenica "did not represent the struggle for Serbdom, but the biggest blow to Serbdom, and cowardice."

Source: Politika, Tanjug

Furthermore, added the president of the Serb Republic (RS) entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina, "we need the truth that everyone will accept."

Ahead of the marking of the 20th anniversary of Srebrenica, Dodik told the Belgrade-based daily Politika that RS institutions did not shelter any criminals and and that he was sorry for all those who perished.

"This is a huge crime, which created a huge political interference. That is evident in the propaganda that tries to create an image of all Serbs being potential killers in Srebrenica. Serbs never in the past committed misdeeds, on the contrary, they acted chivalrously, not cowardly as they did in Srebrenica," said Dodik.

According to him, Srebrenica demands "a new approach and a new examination of the reality, that we all would accept."

"We want the truth about it, it could be achieved through a new international commission that, whatever information it came up with - we would be ready to accept," said Dodik.

Speaking about the current relations in Bosnia, Dodik said that his Alliance of Independent Social Democrats is not part of the government on the state level and that the party plans to "deal with its own policies on the level of the RS, vigilantly monitoring what is happening on the state level."

"Nothing that is not in accordance with the Constitution will pass, no decision. It is better that they do not make any attempts, because we have mechanisms to stop it," he said in the interview published under the headline, "For us BiH (Bosnia-Herzegovina) is an unneeded place".

Dodik reiterated that Bosnia is an unsustainable country, "as evidenced by the fact that the conglomerate that gathered in Sarajevo cannot form a government even after seven months."

"I have no time for failed politics. Please, form a government, our message clearly said that everything that is in line with the Constitution is acceptable, and what is not - it's better they don't try it," concluded Dodik.


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