Hungarian PM accuses U.S. of "interfering"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has accused the United States of interfering in internal affairs of central European countries.

Source: Reuters, Tanjug

Orban told public television on Tuesday that "a new era has started when the United States not only interferes but takes an active part in internal politics in central European countries," Reuters reported.

"They want to drag us into a conflict which could only be bad for us. A cold war sentiment is taking shape between the U.S. and Russia and we do not want to take part in this," he added.

Reuters said in its report that Washington in October "blacklisted six people with ties to Orban's government from entering the United States, accusing them of involvement in corruption."

The corruption accusations are only a “cover story” and the U.S. has newfound interests in this region, it wants to gain influence and this is why it needs corruption as a cover, he said.

"When the Hungarian government demands evidence from the United States it is somehow never provided. This is a typical side effect of a secret service manoeuvre for influence," he was quoted as saying by the website

"It is clearly visible that there are two issues where there are marked interests: American interests in energy policy and... trade policy," Orban also said.

Orban added that the United States wanted to build Hungary's new nuclear plant but that as Russians got the deal, this was "painful" for Americans.

The construction-and-finance agreement to build two new nuclear reactors at the Paks nuclear plant is "part of Hungary's closer ties with Moscow that have unnerved Western partners," Reuters said.


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