Fascist graffiti on Serbian Church property in Croatia

Ustasha graffiti have been painted on the building of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) parish center in Vinkovci, Croatia.

Source: Tanjug

The hate speech graffiti, featuring death threats ("Kill the Serb"), the Ustasha symbol, the letter "U," and the Ustasha greeting, ("Za dom spremni" - "For homeland ready") were discovered on the building on Sunday, the SPC Osijek and Baranja Eparchy said.

The Ustasha regime was in power in the WW2-era Nazi-allied entity known as the Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

The eparchy said the incident represented "orchestrated lynching ongoing for the past 20 days," aimed against the Church and its priests, and was "continued persecution of the Christian Orthodox faith and everything that is Serb in eastern Croatia."

A statement added that "a democratically enlightened Croat" left their feces on the altar of the Church of St. Procopius in Rajevo Selo several days ago.

"Just days later, another incident occurred with very familiar messages from recent times, when the exodus of 200,000 Serbs from Croatia started, along with the stamping out the use of the Serbian Cyrillic script and the destruction of the SPC property," said the statement, quoted by the Glas Srpske newspaper.


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