Serbian citizen caught smuggling 68 kilos of cocaine

A citizen of Serbia was arrested in Slovenia for attempting to smuggle some 68 kilograms of cocaine in a truck he drove, the local police said.

Source: Beta

The driver of a second truck escaped the scene near the border with Italy where the arrest took place, having previously "discarded" several bags that contained another 107 kilograms of the drug, it was also said.

Both trucks belong to a Slovenian-based company and were transporting fruit from Spain to Slovenia.

Other than his citizenship, the police gave no other details about the suspect currently held in custody.

If put on trial and found guilty, he could face up to ten years in prison.

The Slovenian police said that the black market value of the drugs seized on Wednesday was between EUR 5 and 7 million, and that this was one of the biggest drug seizures in that country in recent years.


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