EU expects "written commitment" from Bosnian leaders

Political leaders and the government in Bosnia must make a written commitment to the reforms necessary to resolve a standstill "on the road to the EU."

Source: Beta

This was announced on Monday at the end of a session of the Council of Ministers of the EU in Brussels.

Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusić said that there were discussions about a German-British initiative that would, "without lowering the criteria" encourage economic and social improvement and the road of Bosnia-Herzegovina to the EU, which would allow the Stabilization and Association Agreement, currently frozen, to come into force.

She said that this would require Bosnia's political leaders to make a written commitment to implement a list of necessary reforms, which would be voted on in parliament, and expects "very active involvement of the elected authorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina".

According to Pusić, the ministers have agreed to that this initiatives should be introduced as part of the future government's program, and to this end, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini will travel to Bosnia before the next session of the Council of Ministers.

The final statement pointed out that Mogherini said "there might be a chance to start a new process on a new basis," without touching the conditions of the enlargement process, and concluded that "steps will be taken in the coming days in this direction."

She told reporters that the ministers think the EU should take advantage of the developments in Bosnia after the election and that "without changing the basic principles of negotiations there may be a chance that this is launched without changing the conditions and lowering the criteria."

Pusić said that "it is important this has now become a European initiative, but it is far from being over, it is the beginning of a small real chance to make a step forward in Bosnia-Herzegovina and through it, to make progress in the stabilization of South-Eastern Europe."


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