Dodik reelected as head of Serb entity in Bosnia

President of the Serb Republic (RS) Milorad Dodik will remain in office for another four years after achieving a narrow victory in Sunday's election.

Source: B92, Nezavisne novine

The Central Election Commission confirmed this, saying that according to preliminary results, he received 264,051 votes (47.1 percent), while Ognjen Tadić received 253,211 (45.16 percent).

Earlier in the day, the local media in Banja Luka reported that according to unofficial results of the general election held in Bosnia-Herzegovina on Sunday, and based on 99.99 percent of ballots counted, Dodik, who ran on the SNSD-DNS-SP ticket, won 300,128 votes.

According to the same source, his rival Ognjen Tadić of the Alliance for Change won 289,680 votes.

The turnout in the Serb entity of Bosnia-Herzegovina was 56.94 percent.

Dodik late on Sunday declared victory of the SNSD candidate for the Serb member of Bosnia's presidency, Željka Cvijanović, and said he would "declare his own victory in half an hour" - but did not do so.

On Monday, he told B92 that he "felt like a victor because he had an advantage of 11,000 votes," but that the outcome of the race for the presidency post was "very uncertain."

Official results are still awaited, while the deadline for the election commission to declare the final results is November 11.


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