Interior minister meets with RS president

Serbia's Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović said in Banja Luka on Wednesday that "EU membership was a goal Serbia and the Serb Republic (RS) shared."

Source: Tanjug

Serbia "wishes to pass on its experience in EU integration" to the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he added.

He described the cooperation between the police forces of Serbia and the RS as very good, stressing that the police wanted to guarantee the safety of the people of Serbia and the RS in the battle against extremism and terrorism as well.

"Serbia will continue to do everything in its power to ensure the best possible cooperation with the RS," Stefanović said after a meeting with President Milorad Dodik, underscoring that it also involved cooperation between the two police forces, the media in Banja Luka have reported.

He said he had discussed actual forms of cooperation with RS Interior Minister Radislav Jovičić earlier, and that it included efforts against narcotics trafficking and people smuggling.

Several joint groups have been created to tackle different tasks in the efforts against organized crime and corruption, which will be a priority in the future, Stefanović pointed out.

Serbia could offer to train RS police officers at its crime-fighting academy, he noted.

After the meeting with Stefanović, Dodik congratulated both police forces on their results and regional cooperation in battling organized, hi-tech and other forms of crime.

"Our cooperation with Serbia follows the Special and Prallel Ties Agreement. We view Serbia in a special way, following the rights and obligations defined in the agreement, and we expect a joint meeting of the two governments next month and a meeting of the council for the implementation of the agreement," Dodik remarked.

"Our goal is for the elections to be fair and peaceful and for the RS to gain new legitimacy through democratic elections. That is why we feel the role of the police in all of this has to be neutral and ensure complete stability in terms of public order, and Serbia's experience in that sense is very important to us," he emphasized.


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