Tadić feels guilty, apologizes to Macedonian people

Boris Tadić says he feels guilty for failing to apologize to Macedonia "because of the presence of the Serbian Gendarmerie in that country in the past."

Source: Tanjug

"It was not a great experience for the Macedonian people. For that very reason, as a former president, I would like to extend my apology and amend the mistake I made then," Tadić told the Skopje-based TV Sitel.

The leader of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDS) said that he is confident that this can bring the two nations closer together and particularly urged a solution for the relations between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the canonically unrecognized Macedonian Orthodox Church.

Tadić, who was in Skopje to attend the closing of the Ohrid Summer Festival - which also featured Belgrade's Zvezdara Theater - said that, as president of Serbia, he visited Macedonia many times and advocated a resolution of issues from the past.

This is important because the ties connecting Serbia and Macedonia are not merely historical, and there is no aspect where they are not strong, Tadić added.

"I had an opportunity to talk to scientists, historians, not only politicians. Some of them told me important things and I feel guilty because while I was the president of Serbia, I never apologized to the Macedonian people because of the presence of the Serbian Gendarmerie in Macedonia," Tadić said.

The reports on Friday did not say whether Tadić explained when and under what circumstances this happened.


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