"I cannot go where my people are accused"

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić said that he will not attend First World War centenary event in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

The initial idea was for everyone to attend the ceremony in Sarajevo, and arrangements were being made with the leaders of the Serb Republic (RS) the Serb member of Bosnia-Herzegovina's tripartite presidency Nebojša Radmanović, Nikolić told the RTS in an interview late on Monday.

However, the organization of the event was entrusted to Sarajevo city officials who chose to hold the ceremony in the building bearing a sign that says that it is "a place where Serb criminals, aggressor and Chetniks were killing," said Serbian president.

"That is not the way we will be reconciling,” Nikolić added, stressing that he "cannot go to a place where his people will be accused."

Radmanović also decided not to attend the Sarajevo event, of which he informed the EU, added Nikolić.

The Serbian president announced that he will participate in a ceremony scheduled for August 4 in Belgium, "a country that endured great hardships in WW1" and that the invitation came from the king of Belgium.

Nikolić noted that he would "try to attend all WWI centenary events set to take place in Serbia."


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