Smoke rising from Balkan's only "active volcano"

"Considerable amounts of smoke" started rising out of a miniature geothermal feature in the village of Kosel near Lake Ohrid in Macedonia on Wednesday.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

Media reports refer to the volcanic feature as "the only active volcano in the Balkans," and add that the smoke caused panic among nearby residents, while firefighters were deployed in the area.

Police chief in Ohrid Stefan Dimoski said told Beta on Thursday that the ground near the "volcano" was not warming, and that there was also no smoke. He advised "against fear and panic."

However, Dimoski noted that members of the police, firefighters, and rescuers, would "control the volcano during the day."

Normally, white sulfur smoke rises out of this last remnant of what was once a volcano at Duvalo, but on Wednesday the smoke was "black, and smelled of rubber."

The local Ohrid News website now suggests the authorities are not ruling out that the smoke may have been caused by the garbage that locals dump at the site.

Earlier, experts commented to explain that the natural phenomenon was the result of "major natural activities in the past several months and what has been happening in the region - earthquakes and floods."


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