"Montenegro could become legitimate target"

Russian State Duma Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev has threatened that Montenegro could be targeted by Russian missiles if that country joined NATO.

Source: Beta

Podgorica-based website IN4S quoted the member of the nationalist Liberal Democrat Party as saying that Montenegro would make itself "a legitimate target of Russian missiles" if it became a member of NATO.

Degtyarev also described the position of Montenegro in relation to the Ukrainian crisis as "disgraceful." He was further quoted as saying that Russia should work with China to establish "a military-political alliance."

Montenegro was recently the target of very harsh statements coming from representatives of Russia.

Before the crisis in Ukraine flared up, Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandr Chepurin commented on Montenegro's orientation toward Euro-Atlantic integrations to remark that there were "monkeys in politics, like everywhere else."

Official Moscow was especially angered by the recent visit to Washington of Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, where he sought the support for his country's NATO membership bid, and spoke in favor of the alliance's "boldly going into further expansion of the Euro-Atlantic zone of stability, especially in the Balkans."

Some political commentators in Montenegro described the Russian messages as "having some elements of the Cominform, when the former Soviet Union openly threatened even with military intervention against the former Yugoslavia."


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