EP's Serbia rapporteur "unlikely" to be reelected as MEP

European Parliament rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin will "most likely" end his career as a MEP, writes the Belgrade daily Politika.

Source: Politika

The Slovenian politician will not head the European elections list of the ruling Positive Slovenia party, reports the newspaper.

That means that he will "most likely end his career as a member of the European Parliament."

The Positive Slovenia decided that Kacin was "not acceptable" to head the list, and instead offered the role to well-known economist Jože Mencinger.

Kacin's own party, the LDS, has not had any MPs in the Slovenian parliament for several years and can hardly count on winning any seats in the EP.

Politika writes that Kacin therefore thought that he might head the list of the party led by PM Alenka Bratušek.


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