Another bilingual sign smashed in Vukovar

A bilingual sign written in Croatian Latin and Serbian Cyrillic has been broken in the Croatian town of Vukovar, and the police are searching for the culprits.

Source: Tanjug

The sign was placed on the building of the Croatian Employment Service in Vukovar.

The local police officials have said that the sign has been destroyed or stolen a number of times since September 2, 2013, when signs that include text in Serbian Cyrillic were first placed on government buildings.

According to the police, 26 cases of destruction and damage done to such signs have been recorded so far. Some incidents consisted of destroying multiple signs, so estimates say that more than 35 signs have been targeted, according to the news agency Hina.

The destruction of bilingual signs started during nation-wide protests organized by a right-wing group calling itslef the Headquarters for the Protection of Croatian Vukovar.

The organization demanded a referendum that would limit the right of the national minorities to use their native language, and the Croatian authorities intend to change the Constitution to prevent such a referendum.


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