Bosnian leaders' positions "unchanged"

Leaders of the seven most influential parties in Bosnia-Herzegovina have remained at their previous positions, said reports from Sarajevo.

Source: Tanjug

The Bosnian politicians on Monday held a meeting with visiting EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule.

The meeting lasted for almost ten hours and ended with no agreement on a key condition for Bosnia's EU integration process to be unblocked - the implementation of the ruling in the Sejdić and Finci case.

Fule was the first EU official to visit the country after the violent riots that broke out there on February 7.

Leaders of the SDA, SDP, SBB and SDS parties first adopted the 14 points agreed at previous meetings with Fule, in connection with enforcement of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in the Sejdić and Finci case, the local media said.

Citing its sources, the daily Dnevni Avaz said that "the two Croat Democratic Union (HDZ) parties," however, remained at the previous positions, demanding that the issue of electing members of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina be built into the Constitution.

SNSD leader Milorad Dodik also did not change his stance. He told the media, after temorarily leaving the meeting to be a guest on a local TV, that the Serb entity, RS, still wanted direct elections, where the entity is one constituency and its member of the Presidency is chosen by majority vote.

President of the SDS party Mladen Bosić told reporters on the sidelines of the meeting with Fule that he "did not see any new position, and therefore the possibility to reach a positive outcome."

The meeting in Sarajevo on Monday was also attended by U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia Hoyt Brian Yee.


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