Hungarian MFA on Serbian Constitutional Court decision

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed concern over the limiting of the jurisdiction of the National Council of Hungarians in Serbia.

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The Serbian Constitutional Court issued a decision revoking some articles of the Law on National Councils.

The Hungarian ministry said in a statement that it believed the decision would "narrow down the acquired rights of the Hungarian community in Vojvodina," and thus represent "a step back" in terms of the results of the minority self-governance, the Vojvodina Danas website reported.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary expressed regret especially because the Serbian Constitutional Court repealed provisions cocerning the right of national councils to cooperate with state institutions of mother countries.

The ministry assessed, however, that with the decision of the Constitutional Court, "the minority autonomy still has not lost its foundations."

Esad Džudžević, president of the Bosniak National Council in the technical mandate, also reacted to the decision. Džudžević requested from the Director of the Office of Human and Minority Rights Suzana Paunović to call an emergency session of the Coordinating Council of National Councils.

"The Constitutional Court brought minority peoples in central Serbia, especially Bosniaks, to an additionally unequal position and exposed them to further institutional discrimination, compared to minority ethnic communities in Vojvodina," he said in a letter.

The letter was also addressed to President and the Bulgarian National Council Zoran Petrov.


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