Croatian Chamber of Commerce chief arrested

The president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), Nadan Vidošević, has been arrested on suspicion of abusing his official position and authority.

Source: Tanjug

He is a suspect in the case that involved the siphoning off of some EUR 4.2 million.

A month ago Vidošević's closest associates Zdenka Peternel and Davor Komerički were also arrested in connection to the same affair.

According to initial reports on Tuesday, the prosecution apparently managed to prove that Vidošević was the key figure in the case.

The investigation so far had shown that Peternel used fictitious accounts and invoices to, with the help of Igor Premilovac and Davor Komerički, extract money from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Komerički is suspected of providing the companies that were turning out fictitious invoices, while Premilovac was responsible for transferring the money abroad, cash withdrawals, and then the return of the money to Croatia.

For these services, Premilovac took a ten percent commission, according to the charges.

Premilovac is one of the founders of the Czech company Remorker International, which is believed to have been used to siphon off the money from the public company Highways of Croatia, and from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

It is suspected that this activity took place from 2005 until 2011.


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