Plates in Cyrillic will not be placed in Croatian town

The city council of Vukovar has amended the statute of this Croatian town, declaring it "a place of special reverence."

Izvor: B92

With this, the implementation of the country's laws on ethnic minority rights and the setting up of bilingual signs on public buildings have been "delayed."

The proposal to declare Vukovar "a place of special reverence" was put forward by members of the HDZ party, and the Croatian Party of Rights Dr. Ante Starčević. The city council then passed the proposal.

This means that the implementation of the Constitutional Law on National Minorities in Vukovar will be "fully delayed until conditions have been met."

Immediately after they were put up in September, the signs written in Croatian and in Serbian Cyrillic, were forcibly removed, despite the fact they were guarded by the police.

A group that organized protests against the signs, "The Headquarters for the Defense of Croatian Vukovar," announced that the town would be declared a place of special reverence, which in effect means that it will not have plates written in the Cyrillic alphabet.


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