652 artillery rounds found near Bosnian town

A total of 652 artillery rounds have been recovered from a location near the town of Tešanj, in central Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Source: Beta, Glas Srpske

The type of ammunition found is used in 84mm recoilless guns.

Members of the police of the Zenica-Doboj Canton in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina entity inspected the scene, and put the value of the weapons at "over two million Bosnian marks."

Enes Dolić, an official with the Federal Civil Defense, said that a court would decide what would be done with the ammunition.

Mushroom pickers were the first to report to the police that they saw the rounds near Tešanj, while the locals in Tešanjski Panj said that "two days earlier, the rounds were not there."

It is assumed that the ammunition was stored and hidden at the location as part of an illegal weapons trade operation.

"Terrorist activities"

The Banja Luka-based daily Glas Srpske writes today that the ammunition was brought to the location where it was found "in order to mislead investigators," and claims that it was "meant to be sold for terrorist activities."

The newspaper says that the rounds were "directly related to the armaments that the State Investigations and Protection Agency (SIPA) found in July in Kaloševići - the largest weapons cache discovered after the war."

A source close to the investigation told the daily that the arms traders dumped the rounds at the site where it was discovered "because they were tipped off that SIPA was searching the area."

The same source added that one piece of this type of ammunition costs some EUR 1,500, and that it was manufactured in Sweden.


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