Ethnic minority rights "priority for Serbia and Montenegro"

The status of Serb minority in Montenegro and the Montenegrin minority in Serbia "is one of the priorities for both countries," says Igor Lukšić.

Source: Tanjug, Večernje novosti

Montenegro's deputy PM and foreign minister added that "the challenges on the path to construction of bilateral relations, which are already very good, are not insurmountable."

“The national community of Serbs in Montenegro and the Montenegrin community in Serbia have the support of the two countries' highest political representatives to promote their status as much as possible. This topic is discussed in all bilateral meetings and talks,” Lukšić said for Belgrade daily Večernje Novosti.

“The dynamics of the political dialogue, particularly in this year, confirms the mutual commitment to the development of relations,” Lukšić said.

He said that aside the fact that they are naturally directed at each other the development of relations between Serbia and Montenegro is additionally encouraged by their joint strategic foreign policy aspirations to become EU members.

“Montenegro appreciates Serbia's understanding for our EU aspirations. It is also important that Serbia's highest political representatives have an explicit stance that they want the best possible relations with Montenegro without any intention to meddle in our internal issues,” Lukšić said.

Speaking about "a new regional cooperation between Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo," Lukšić pointed to the possible abolishing of roaming networks, simplification of system of payments and more efficient customs procedures.

"Kosovo could be a full-fledged participant whose operation is in line with the agreement on regional representation of Belgrade and Priština since February 2012," he said.


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