More Cyrillic script signs targeted in Croatia

Unidentified individuals removed the official bilingual plate written in Latin and Serbian Cyrillic scripts from the municipal building in Krnjak, Croatia.

Source: Tanjug

A police investigation is underway, Tanjug reported.

Spokesperson Senka Staroveski confirmed that the police received the tip-off late on Tuesday and that it is looking for individuals responsible for the plate removal incident, Hina reported.

Deputy prefect from the lines of the Serb minority Siniša Ljubojević called a media conference on Wednesday which will be attended by Krnjak municipal head Dejan Mihajlović.

Ljubojević called on Croatian authorities to find and prosecute the perpetrators.

“Such incidents should be punished because it is not good for tensions launched by certain groups in eastern Croatia to spread to our territory where there were no tensions,” Ljubojevic said and recalled that a football match in Vojnic was recently cancelled because of the Cyrillic script.

The Cyrillic plates on state institutions in Krnjak were installed five years ago, when the municipal Statute was adjusted to the constitutional law on the rights of the Serb minority, "and they never bothered anyone for years."

Protests in Vukovar against introduction of bilingualism organiued by the Headquarters of the Defense of Vukovar have been going on for two weeks now.

The protesters say that they will not give up and they want Vukovar to be declared a place of special piety for the victims of "the patriotic war," and claim that the Serb minority "does not account for over a third of the city population."


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