Montenegro proposes "Western Balkans Six"

Montenegrin FM Igor Lukšić has presented an initiative to form the so-called Western Balkans Six, their Parliamentary Assembly, "and a joint Balkan police."

Izvor: Dan, Tanjug

According to media reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro has submitted the initiative as "a working document."

Lukšić earlier initiated "a new concept of regional cooperation in the Western Balkans" that would include Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo - whose status, as stated, is not prejudiced, in view of UNSC Resolution 1244 - as well as Macedonia, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Podgorica-based daily Dan writes that regional leaders are due to discuss the initiative at the end of this month in New York, as they gather for the session of the UN General Assembly.

The document evisages the establishment of a regional center to fight corruption and organized crime.

According to the working paper, members of the "Western Balkans Six" would make efforts to simplify the crossing of national borders within the area comprising their territory to the extent of abolition passport as a necessary travel document, "while maintaining a high level of border security."

The most important initiatives and projects that would be agreed by prime ministers and foreign ministers would be handled by coordinators selected from among prominent experts in the subject area, the document proposes.

The newspaper also writes that the initiative has received the support of experts from the cabinet of EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule.


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