Croatia: Corpse found in drinking water tank

Locals in Glavnica Gornja near Croatia's capital Zagreb have been drinking water from a water tank where a dead body was found, a Zagreb daily reported.

Source: RTS

Večernji List writes that this went on "for ten days."

"Ten days ago we felt that the water had a strange taste and smell," the head of the local waterworks, Josip Kašnar, was quoted as saying.

Kašnar was the one who discovered the body of the unknown man.

The victim wore "military clothes" - and a backpack filled with rocks on his back, the media reports said.

"A rusty rifle" was also found in the tank, Serbia's RTS is quoting the Zagreb daily.

Meanwhile, samples of the water have been sent for analysis in a bid to determine whether the locals faced a health hazard.

The Croatian police are investigating the case. It is still unknown whether the man committed suicide or was murdered.


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